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I had a few moments at Duranbah Beach and snapped a few shots. I hope you enjoy them. CLick on a shot to see the full-sized Gallery




I’m back!


I have enter the Blog challenge for the entire month of October, a blog a day. Let us see how many I can complete?! Who’s going to join the ride?

To all my long-suffering friends and colleagues that have waited for the recipe book, looks like you are going to get a least 6 over the next month in the next 31 blog posts. In tomorrow’s post there will be Creamy Egg Curry and for my meat-eating peeps slow cooked Lamb Curry.

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I’m back!.

Should Australia Change It’s National Anthem?

Before the Indigenous All Stars rugby league match on the Gold Coast last month a group of Aboriginal singers sang the Australian National Anthem in their indigenous language and in English. I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve included a video so you can judge for yourself.

Listening to it got me thinking that maybe we should make part of our Countries Anthem mean something to more Australians. I know that there are many Aboriginal languages in Australia and we can’t possible represent all of them in our Anthem. But couldn’t we set up a project for all the Australian Aboriginal communities to write  and record Advance Australia Fair in their language. Then from these recordings couldn’t we set up a group of respected Aboriginal to fashion together the first verse from ten of them. Then we would have a unique Anthem with a link to our Past and our future. We would have an easy path to teach our children more about the first  Australians. And most importantly an Anthem that represents more Australians.

I believe this could make an enormous difference to how many people feel about being Australians. What Do you think?

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Closed Lane

Guess which lane I’m in.

For years I have dutifully changed lanes early when I see the lane closed sign ahead. I did this in the belief that if everyone did the same Traffic would flow much easier. I still believe this, but it only works if most people do it.

I have come realize that most people do not change lanes early. In fact they don’t change lanes until they have to. Many will have no idea what the sign above even means.Their actions condemn us , the early lane changers, to sitting and watching a constant stream of traffic pass us with no thought other than their own need to be somewhere.

Well no more! From this day forward I am joining the unwashed masses and never more will I change lanes until the very last second. I have realized that the only way to even out our travel times is to do exactly what they do. If we clutter up the closed lane the open lane may actually move faster.

I urge you to join me in my crusade against this outrage. Make the open lane move faster. We all know how much Australians hate Que jumpers isn’t this just another form of it?

Repeat after me:

I (insert name) pledge allegiance to the closed lane. Never again will I be passed by bogans in a green VN commodore while I sit in traffic. The Tosser in the Audi Q7 can just wait his turn for I am driving in the closed lane now.

See doesn’t that feel better?

My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit

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Clyde Rathbones Battle with Depression

Today Clyde Rathbone released a courageous article regaling his personal battles with depression, and has requested his story be shared. Below it is reproduced in full:

“Sometimes we have to take risks, be terrified and do it anyway”. Julian Smith wrote this, so I decided to contact him, below is what I wrote. Just like I’ve asked Julian, I’m asking you all to send this to somebody you know if you think it might help them.

I’m not really sure where to start, if this appears as unlettered and rambling as I fear please accept my apologies…

I first heard about you whilst listening to Robb Wolfs podcast, from there I found your blog, read every single post, downloaded & read “Flinch” which resonated with me in ways I’m not nearly well enough equipped to articulate so I’m forced to drag out the cliché that it changed my life, but fuck it it did!

I know my story is neither as boring or as interesting as I think it is, I hope you’ll bare with me and read it (there’s an idea at the end, and I know you like those) but if you decide not to I’m fine with that too.

I was born in South Africa 30 years ago I’m the oldest of 4 boys, I had a difficult childhood, I was abused emotionally by someone who should have been looking after me. And it had a huge effect on me. A number of things can happen when you’ve been emotionally abused. Every negative thing I heard about myself, things that were said repeatedly to me became my truth, I started to believe that negative voice until it became ingrained, it affected me in nearly everything that I did and every decision I made. Usually people who are exposed to this abuse have extremely low confidence and low self esteem, In my case that was certainly true but those that knew me in high school may well describe me as arrogant, my defence mechanism was to project an image of myself that most protected me. Continue reading

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Inspiration Files

These days, nerds are everywhere. Twitter profiles proclaiming oneself as a nerd abound. Ironic nerd eyeglasses have been popularized by celebrities and adopted by the masses. There’s even a nerd dating website, and I swear at least one of your colleagues is on it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Nerd candy made a comeback. Blue tongues for everyone!

No longer confined to dusty basement computer labs and all-night LAN parties, one would imagine that the great 21st century nerd outage would result in all of us getting a little smarter when it comes to all things techy. Right? Wrong. Here are 10 things I’ve learned from having my very own live-in nerd. These may sound basic, but they’ve eliminated 90% of my tech problems over the past seven years.

  1. When there’s an update, do it. It sounds silly, but I used to think that those little updates…

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How To Deal With Rejection!

It’s been 12 months since my heart flutter thingy. Today I had my appointment for the 12 month Echo Cardiogram. So I’ve watched my weight, exercised and taken my medication like a good boy in anticipation of seeing the heart specialist. 2 days ago I even stopped drinking coffee so that there would be absolutely no chance of my blood pressure being high during the consultation.
I arrive at my appointment and the receptionist says “you can have your ECG but Dr (insert Indian heart Dr name here) isn’t in today so you will have to come back to see him.”

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

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My mind does a double take. WTF (What the f@#k mum translation) Doesn’t he know what I’ve gone through to make this appointment! It’s not like this just happens you know. There been a lot of work gone into getting this old ticker running this good. Sometimes you just don’t appreciate what I go through for you. I mean 2 whole bloody days without coffee! For nothing. I feel used.

But what I said was. “No that’s fine when is he available next. I’ll come in then. $300 no worries” Soft, soft,soft,soft,soft. Coffee please!

My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a unit.

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