A Quick Update

Wow, it’s been six months since I posted anything here. I simple ran out of things to say. Those that know me realise I don’t say that much anyway so the task of keeping a log was always going to be a huge task. So what’s happened? Ahh….well….uhm. I’ve just had the 3 biggest weeks of my working career and now I am having a Saturday off (meaning I only went to work for 2.5 hours instead of the day) and have sat around the house annoying Kaitlyn and Gillian.

We have booked a holiday in Vanuatu in September for a week. It is rumour that my Great Grandmother Annie came from the islands and I wanted to go see what it was like. then we have two more weeks at home over the September holidays that we have to figure out what to do with. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m in love. yes I have seen the new Aston Martin on Top Gear and now secretly covert it above all others. One day it will be mine, oh yes it will. muhahaha.

I am having a fantastic time this year following Rugby Union. We bought season tickets to the Qld reds this year and loved just about every minute. Yes Queensland were crap, but they tried their hearts out and got better with every game. Well done Queensland.

Gillian and I went to see the new Batman movie. What an epic. How Batman movies were always supposed to be, before the crap we endured in the eighties and nineties. I wonder how Jack Nicholson feels about his portrayal of The Joker after seeing Heath Ledger own it.

Kaitlyn is turning into a wonderful little swimmer and it is one of the best half hours of my week watching her lesson every Wednesday afternoon. I especially like her combined breaststroke arms and butterfly legs! She is consistently at least a year younger than the kids she swims with. Living so close to the beach we think it’s important the kids are strong swimmers and Kaitlyn goes to Nippers to learn about the ocean as well. I hope she becomes a Surf Life Saver like Gillian and Teea.

Kaitlyn bought home a great Report card so we celebrated by going to dinner at Chiang mei Thai Restaurant. Great food, Great atmosphere I will recommend it to anyone who is visiting and we will definitely be going back

Teea is doing well at Uni (I think) and has embraced the freedom of having a car and a License. As well of the poverty of having a car, a part-time job and a boyfriend who lives in Brisbane. She turns Eighteen in a couple of months and I guess we will add clubbing to the mix. How to feel old!

Gillian has worked as hard as I have! she doesn’t get home till 7PM most nights. she has had the biggest year of her career and I am certain she is looking forward to 3 weeks off as much as I am. she has decided to be an assistant Age manager at Nippers looking after the less confident kids in the group. She is really good at getting them in the water and trying things their parents never thought they would do and is bossy enough to keep the group organised. Nippers starts in September so our Sunday sleep in are nearly over.

Well that’s all for now.

Love Shane


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