Why are we obsessed with Speeding?

I do a far bit of driving around the Gold Coast. It’s part of my job. And I must admit that for a long time I ripped along at a great rate of knots. Then one day I was going to a client at Ormeau. About thirty Kilometres away. I had done the trip hundreds of times and I knew with a clear run it would take about 27 minutes. How do I know? Lets just say these things make something up top do back flips. Go figure. On this day I decided to just cruise along at the speed limit and see what happened. Guess what? The trip took longer! A whole three minutes longer. Three minutes is nothing. And there were no death-defying feats of driving, no under-passing, no abuse, no stress and about a billion less lane changes. It changed my thinking on driving completely. Don’t get me wrong I still get along at a decent rate, but now I am happy to just go with the flow. And yes it takes me a few minutes longer to get somewhere, but I arrive a much happier person.


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