My Journalism Career and How I’m Famous…. On The Internet!

An exciting week for this old Rugby tragic. After the game last Friday I thought I would write a review and post it here on my Blog. Having a read of the post I thought it was pretty good so I copy it to the Forum at Green and Gold Rugby. It got a good reaction and one of the posters suggested I send it to one of the administrators to see if they would put it up on the front page. I thought it was a really nice thing to say and thanked him for his kind words but was going to let it slide. But “Sandpit Fans” kind words had stirred something. And a couple of hours later I was sending of a couple of emails singing my own praises.

Well the administrator agreed and put my post up on the front page! I was in heaven. I put it up on Facebook. I emailed a link to a billion people. I told lots of people.I told my journalism Degree holding Daughter that I too was now a journalist. This didn’t go down well. “You’re not a Journalist till you’re in print” she shot back. I didn’t care I was happy . I was famous on the Internet.

So then my week just moves along at the usual pace, except I am still pretty chuffed, until Wednesday after work. There was an email waiting for me.

It said.

Queensland Reds reds preview

Fancy doing one this week? Would need to go out tomorrow


What! Me! Gaggs Is “Green and Gold Rugby.” And he wanted me to write the preview for the Queensland Reds V. Cheetahs game. And they wanted it tomorrow. It’s one thing to throw a few words around when you’re in the mood, but it’s quite another being asked to write and given a deadline.

Well I thought for a very long time and then about half a second later I started writing. It took me a few hours this time. It’s different doing a preview instead of a review. You have to think about what’s might happen instead of what you’ve seen. You need to analyse both teams previous games. Find out which players are injured and who is returning. Try and figure out how the change of personnel might effect the game plan. I really enjoyed taking a closer look at what goes into creating something like this.

I’m pretty happy with my effort. You can read it at if you’re at all interested.
Remember when you see me I’m a Journalist now and I’m Famous… on the Internet.

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