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Should Australia Change It’s National Anthem?

Before the Indigenous All Stars rugby league match on the Gold Coast last month a group of Aboriginal singers sang the Australian National Anthem in their indigenous language and in English. I enjoyed it a lot. I’ve included a video so you can judge for yourself.

Listening to it got me thinking that maybe we should make part of our Countries Anthem mean something to more Australians. I know that there are many Aboriginal languages in Australia and we can’t possible represent all of them in our Anthem. But couldn’t we set up a project for all the Australian Aboriginal communities to write  and record Advance Australia Fair in their language. Then from these recordings couldn’t we set up a group of respected Aboriginal to fashion together the first verse from ten of them. Then we would have a unique Anthem with a link to our Past and our future. We would have an easy path to teach our children more about the first  Australians. And most importantly an Anthem that represents more Australians.

I believe this could make an enormous difference to how many people feel about being Australians. What Do you think?

My Name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit.

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I Pledge Allegiance to the Closed Lane

Guess which lane I’m in.

For years I have dutifully changed lanes early when I see the lane closed sign ahead. I did this in the belief that if everyone did the same Traffic would flow much easier. I still believe this, but it only works if most people do it.

I have come realize that most people do not change lanes early. In fact they don’t change lanes until they have to. Many will have no idea what the sign above even means.Their actions condemn us , the early lane changers, to sitting and watching a constant stream of traffic pass us with no thought other than their own need to be somewhere.

Well no more! From this day forward I am joining the unwashed masses and never more will I change lanes until the very last second. I have realized that the only way to even out our travel times is to do exactly what they do. If we clutter up the closed lane the open lane may actually move faster.

I urge you to join me in my crusade against this outrage. Make the open lane move faster. We all know how much Australians hate Que jumpers isn’t this just another form of it?

Repeat after me:

I (insert name) pledge allegiance to the closed lane. Never again will I be passed by bogans in a green VN commodore while I sit in traffic. The Tosser in the Audi Q7 can just wait his turn for I am driving in the closed lane now.

See doesn’t that feel better?

My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit

I love getting comments. If you like this share it amongst your friends

How To Deal With Rejection!

It’s been 12 months since my heart flutter thingy. Today I had my appointment for the 12 month Echo Cardiogram. So I’ve watched my weight, exercised and taken my medication like a good boy in anticipation of seeing the heart specialist. 2 days ago I even stopped drinking coffee so that there would be absolutely no chance of my blood pressure being high during the consultation.
I arrive at my appointment and the receptionist says “you can have your ECG but Dr (insert Indian heart Dr name here) isn’t in today so you will have to come back to see him.”

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...

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My mind does a double take. WTF (What the f@#k mum translation) Doesn’t he know what I’ve gone through to make this appointment! It’s not like this just happens you know. There been a lot of work gone into getting this old ticker running this good. Sometimes you just don’t appreciate what I go through for you. I mean 2 whole bloody days without coffee! For nothing. I feel used.

But what I said was. “No that’s fine when is he available next. I’ll come in then. $300 no worries” Soft, soft,soft,soft,soft. Coffee please!

My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a unit.

Just So She Knows I’m Okay

Lets face it. I am quite a catch. That’s why Gillian worries about me when I go to work. To let her know I’m okay I send her a photo of where I am working every day. Here is a collection of the photos I’ve taken the past few weeks. Just to set her mind at ease.

Sand Pumping Jetty Gold Coast Seaway

Sand Pumping Jetty Gold Coast Seaway

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Can Crook’t Knee Pose Help Circulation?

From the first day I started Svaroopa® Yoga I have been amazed at the difference the  Crook’t Knee Pose has made to the size of my feet! I have tried to think of a way of showing other people the difference. This is the best I have come up with. Hardly flattering images, but I am willing to suffer for my art. The first image is a before shot, the second is after 2 minutes of Crook’t Knee Pose on my right leg and the third is after 2 minutes of Crook’t Knee Pose on my left leg. I think that the photos don’t really show how much difference there is in my feet. Maybe I should try measuring them.

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My name is Shane “Sully” Sullivan and I am a Unit

Should You Drink Water Before You Exercise?

Some of you just went “DUH! Of Course you should.” Well on my second last Run Swim Run I didn’t. Here is the account I promised you in “Can Surf Life Saving Keep You healthy?”

Life Savers

Image by Garry - via Flickr

I had woken up late on Proficiency day at Southport Surf Life Saving Club. Once a year every volunteer Surf Life Saver must pass their Proficiency. A series of tests to prove you have the skills to save lives. They range from doing CPR to Board rescues in the Surf. But the very first thing is the Run Swim Run a 200 metre run followed by a 400 metre surf swim and finishing up with another 200 metre run.

As I said I slept in. I grabbed a Banana and a Cup of Coffee and headed for the club. In the rush I left my water bottle at home. I signed in and got myself down to the beach. The first run went by without a problem but by half way through the swim I knew I was in trouble. I was flagging badly. I managed to get out okay but my legs were dead and the second run seemed to take forever but I made it over the line. I knew the time wasn’t that fast but was it fast enough to pass the test? Continue reading

My Journalism Career and How I’m Famous…. On The Internet!

An exciting week for this old Rugby tragic. After the game last Friday I thought I would write a review and post it here on my Blog. Having a read of the post I thought it was pretty good so I copy it to the Forum at Green and Gold Rugby. It got a good reaction and one of the posters suggested I send it to one of the administrators to see if they would put it up on the front page. I thought it was a really nice thing to say and thanked him for his kind words but was going to let it slide. But “Sandpit Fans” kind words had stirred something. And a couple of hours later I was sending of a couple of emails singing my own praises.

Well the administrator agreed and put my post up on the front page! I was in heaven. I put it up on Facebook. I emailed a link to a billion people. I told lots of people.I told my journalism Degree holding Daughter that I too was now a journalist. This didn’t go down well. “You’re not a Journalist till you’re in print” she shot back. I didn’t care I was happy . I was famous on the Internet.

So then my week just moves along at the usual pace, except I am still pretty chuffed, until Wednesday after work. There was an email waiting for me.

It said.

Queensland Reds reds preview

Fancy doing one this week? Would need to go out tomorrow


What! Me! Gaggs Is “Green and Gold Rugby.” And he wanted me to write the preview for the Queensland Reds V. Cheetahs game. And they wanted it tomorrow. It’s one thing to throw a few words around when you’re in the mood, but it’s quite another being asked to write and given a deadline.

Well I thought for a very long time and then about half a second later I started writing. It took me a few hours this time. It’s different doing a preview instead of a review. You have to think about what’s might happen instead of what you’ve seen. You need to analyse both teams previous games. Find out which players are injured and who is returning. Try and figure out how the change of personnel might effect the game plan. I really enjoyed taking a closer look at what goes into creating something like this.

I’m pretty happy with my effort. You can read it at if you’re at all interested.
Remember when you see me I’m a Journalist now and I’m Famous… on the Internet.
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