My weight Challenge

A page for me to spruik about my weight and Fitness


My knee is pretty good now. I have done a couple of short runs and started swimming yesterday. I am slowly getting back in to things.


108 Kg today slowly but surely going down. I have more chance of keeping it off if I do it slowly and patiently. I have blown my knee out so no exercise for a little while. Maybe a bike ride on the weekend.


Things are going well. I have migrated to road running and got my weight down to 115 Kgs

I bought a heart rate monitor and with the help of a web site called Map My Run I can keep good track of my pace and fitness.


Struggled today Hung over and a cold!


I had a great month as far as distance goes! 102 K’s! But I have also had Easter and 2 weeks holidays and while I haven’t put on any weight I also am struggling to drop weight. This is to be expected I guess. I am only down a Kilo or 2 for the month. Soon I am back to work so back into a routine and Gillian is back so I am not sitting alone at night fighting the boredom.

17 weeks to go to the bridge to Brisbane! I think I will start some runs on the road in 3 or 4 weeks.


First time ever under 7 Min/Kph at an average heart rate of 135 BPM! A big step up for me and a huge mile stone. I even broke into a jog a couple of times


118.8 kg Today! That is my lowest yet. have to be really strict on my days off work.


I have eaten, Drunk and been merry. Time to get back into it!

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Suspended for Easter.


I went to see Kate Stoker the Dietician. She said I was going really well and I should see about getting my collesteral checked before I saw her again in 8 weeks. I have reduced my Waist by 5 cm and my weight by 5 Kgs in the 5 weeks I have seen her. I think it was a really good move.


Ran 33 Klms this week and Swam 1.1 Klms. My best week ever. Just trying to stay in my target heart range for fat burning and build stamina and strength slowly.


4 thoughts on “My weight Challenge

  1. The Unit 31/03/2009 at 18:16

    Hit 120 kilos!! Down from 130 on the 1/1/09. And swam 1.1 Kilometres

  2. Shane Sullivan 01/04/2009 at 19:36

    Ran 99 Klms in march! my best ever month!

  3. Red Stag Rugby 09/04/2012 at 17:16

    Best of luck in your weight challenge. It takes serious dedication but you look to be committed. Well done and keep it up.

  4. Shane Sullivan 09/04/2012 at 17:54

    I haven’t been as dedicated as I should be but I’m all fired up to start again tomorrow.

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